Open an image in a Lightbox

In Joomla there is a simple way to do that. please follows below steps

First of all you need to include the following in the php code for your extension or template:

1.Add following line to your extension or template’s index.php file.


then save the file.

2. Now open joomla backend and select the article. Then add the class “modal” to <a> tag
for example i have put the following code.

<a class="modal" href="images/powered_by.png"><img class="caption" src="images/powered_by.png" border="0" alt="" title="Joomla" align="left" /></a>

3. that’s it, refresh the frontend site and click on content image it will open in lightbox.

joomla popup window
joomla popup window

We can also load an existing html element from a page, using the element id, for example suppose your page contains some html such as the following:-

<div id="popupDiv">
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Then create the link to that id

<a href="#popupDiv"
class="modal">Click here to load the paragraph in a light box popup window</a>

6 thoughts on “Open an image in a Lightbox

      1. please visit this link click here to remove conflicts between mootools and jquery. I am sure this will helpful for you to resolve the problem.

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