Joomla component error messages and its solutions.

If Your are a Joomla Extension Developer and write custom component then you may face following error. I try to give possible solutions of these common errors in below post.

Error 1 :
404 – An error has occurred.
Component not found
Return to Control Panel

Reason : main component entry file is missing.
Solution :
for example component name is com_yourComponentName. Please check the file named yourComponentName.php in component folder may be file missing in component folder. if this file not present there then add this file in component and error will gone.

Error 2:
500 – An error has occurred.
Invalid controller class: yourComponentNameController
Return to Control Panel

Reason : invalid declaration of class

class yourComponentName extends JControllerLegacy {


Solution : Here the word ‘Controller’ is missing in class name.
Add Controller word with class name while extends JConrollerLegacy class.
syntax : class {ComponentName}Controller extends JControllerLegacy
class yourComponentNameController extends JControllerLegacy {


Error 3:
500 – An error has occurred.
View not found [name, type, prefix]: yourComponentName, html, yourComponentNameView
Return to Control Panel

Reason :
(1) view folder and files are not present in that component.
(2) default view of compoent is not set in master controller file.

(1) Create view folder and files in component folder.
(2) set default view of component in Master controller file.
protected $default_view = ‘defaulview’;
if default view not set in component then the display() task by default. so check this function is exists in component.

Error 4:
Strict Standards: Declaration of yourComponentNameController::display() should be compatible with that of JController::display() in /opt/lampp/htdocs/Joomlasite/administrator/components/com_yourComponentName/controller.php on line 15

Solution : Site >> Global Configuration >> select “server” tab
now set here Error reporting to ‘System Default’. click on save to apply change.


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  1. Its really weid, a very basic wordpress site diplaying advanced joomla problem solution…
    Thanks for the help

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