get component parameters in Joomla

If you want to get component parameter in your code, you can use following methods. Generally i used below methods to get component parameters. First you need to import Joomla component helper class into view.html.php. Continue reading “get component parameters in Joomla”


Joomla component error messages and its solutions.

If Your are a Joomla Extension Developer and write custom component then you may face following error. I try to give possible solutions of these common errors in below post. Continue reading “Joomla component error messages and its solutions.”

How can check that Joomla component is active or not ?

In Joomla programming sometime you need to check that component is active or not. Because it is good practice to check first the component is active , instead of getting errors in module. JComponentHelper class has a useful function to perform this task. Following example will shows how to check.

if (!JComponentHelper::isEnabled('com_test', true)) {
return JError::raiseError(JText::_('Test Component Error Title'), JText::_('Test Component is not installed on your Joomla site'));

The above code will check that the component ‘com_test’ is active , if it returns false then if condition become true and Joomla will return an error message “Test Component is not installed on your Joomla site”.