Install LAMP server on Ubuntu 16.10

Using following steps we can intall Apache , MySQL and PHP on Ubuntu 16.10 system.

1. First install Apache server

Open Terminal and write following command
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How to disable WordPress plugin from database?

You can disable all WordPress plugin at once from a single MySQL query. This will be faster to disable all plugins through command line. You need to disable plugins if you want upgrade the WordPress site. Following MySQL command will helpful for you.

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = '' WHERE option_name = 'active_plugins';

Above command will replace the active_plugins’s field value to a blank string. Which means all plugins of that site will be disabled in site backend. Dont’ worry plugins folder still presents in theme directory ,because above command do not delete the plugin folder.

How to change WordPress theme directly from database?

Sometime you want to change WordPress theme without login in site backend. For example If you upgrade wordpress site and after complete upgradation of site you found that site is stop working. You may see just a blank page instead of newly updated site. This situation may happen if your old theme not support the newly upgraded WordPress. If this happen you may lost access of site frontend as well as backend also. In this case if you have access of database then you can change the current wordpress theme using MySQL query. Continue reading “How to change WordPress theme directly from database?”